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Growing up on the road... and beyond

New Travellers originally formed as a group out of the 1960s and 70s free festivals. Though they initially connected as a 'chosen' family, there are now many New Traveller families that span three generations and, in some cases, more. Some of these multigenerational families are also connected together, as many New Travellers prefer to choose partners from inside the community. That being said, most if not all long-term New Travellers still consider themselves to be one 'family', where friendships strengthened through community living and sticking together are also of great importance. In this sense social connections, and New Traveller cultural ways more broadly, continue between family and community members living both on and off the road. This occurs in everyday life, at festivals and other events, on social media, and through stories, dreams and memories. 

This section contains photographs of first, second and third-generation New Travellers taken by Freya and Roma in 2022, as well as photographs contributed by Eadie, Jordan, Jelly and their families for this project. Eadie's pictures are of her now and when young with her brothers, of her Mum with her and brothers as babies, and her brothers and their friends as children. Jelly's are of herself now and as a baby with her Mum, as a child with a family friend, and of her own daughter and dog. Jordan's are of himself now with his baby, with his siblings when they were children, and of his own children.

Eadie and family and friends

NAT Eadie portrait.JPG

Jelly and family and friends

X Jelly .JPG

Jordan and family

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